When It Comes To Your Story There Is No Time Like Now

When It Comes To Your Story There Is No Time Like Now

On Tumblr, before the site’s descent into death, I followed many comic artists. People asked them again and again: How do I become good enough to tell my story?

This question took many forms:

  • How do I learn to make comics?
  • How can I improve my anatomy?
  • How can I make my character designs more interesting?
  • Where can I learn about comic panel layout?
  • How do I make my colors blend better?
  • How did you do it?

The artist would supply what they learned from or a tutorial to show their process. There was the consensus: Just start your own web comic and you will improve in time. Comics like Slightly Damned are a good example. The comic’s early pages from 2004 are not very impressive when compared to newer ones. Still in 2012 and 2013 the comic won 2 Ursa Major Awards for Best Graphic Story and Best Other Literary work. (Their site states they are the equivalent of the Hugo Award for stories that deal with anthropomorphic animal characters).

If the creator, Chu, had waited till they were ‘good’ enough, it is doubtful they would have won those awards or even posting their story. Just getting started with a comic, or any story, makes sure you practice every week and that you get feedback, especially when you have a consistent upload schedule. This weekly practice and feedback means you learn new and often better ways to create and share your story with the world.

Another plus is that it lets you grow a fanbase, not just improve. People, even when you are bad, will still be interested and stick around. Many people do not realize that fans of your story love seeing you improve. Fans like to see the creators they support grow and improve over the years from the beginning to the end.

While I have used comics as an example, we can see it in podcasts like The Adventure Zone, YouTube Series like BuzzFeed Unsolved, and the acting and production of skits from people like Thomas Sanders and his friends.

With time and patience you will get better, so why not start today?