That Strange Time Wiki Learned Creation Science

That Strange Time Wiki Learned Creation Science

I have been watching Rachel Oates’s videos covering Kent Hovind’s creation science-based content mostly for her frustrated explanations of. Not that it isn’t a fun and interesting way to learn a bit about science as she explains why this understanding of science is wrong or oversimplified.

I also get to remember how weird a lot of creation science is.

As an Agnostic Atheist, I do not believe in a God or gods, but I do not know they do not exist. I also do not believe that the bible is the accurate word of a God, regardless of if that God exists or not.

Look, I have seen sentences taken wildly out of context and misrepresented on the internet, a place where you can easily find the original writing, within weeks. I have no faith in humans keeping an anchient book, written in a language where we do not even know the meaning of some words anymore, being kept in context even if God wrote.

The idea of the bible being an imperfect book written by people is increasingly popular among even the religious. One study from Georgetown showing that only 21% of science teachers in Catholic high schools think Adam and Even were literal people and 95% think evolution is true. Beliefs the Catholic church seems to be open to.

Which makes the continual teaching of creation science confusing, infuriating, and amusing.

There are people who have done far more research than me on the issues of creation science. Where they cover the inaccuracy of the bible, and the way religion and science can work together, so I do not want to focus on that. I just really want to talk about how weird some beliefs are since I was actually taught them.

A shortlist of some weird things they taught me in creation science are:

  1. Dinosaurs existed with humans and are what humans mistook as dragons and other mythological beasts in the past. Either these dinosaurs were hunted to extinction by cowboys and that’s where the unconfirmed Thunderbird Photo comes from, or are still around and that is where Nessie comes from.
  2. Evolution kinda exists, but only so Noah has way fewer animals to fit on the ark. So there was one snake that became many snakes. Yet a dismal of evolution is that does not happen fast enough for us to see it firsthand and prove it. But if the flood happened somewhere around the 2,000-year mark and these developments had to happened and finished by 1000 BC then it took 1000 years…  There are a lot of holes in this theory.
  3. The reason fossils appear in certain layers is that when the flood happened faster animals could escape for longer than slower ones. Thus causing them to be buried in different layers as the flood buried them. I do not know how giant sloths outran raptors.
  4. While it takes thousands or millions of light years for starlight to reach us, God made it so we could still see them earlier.  So God just created light to fill in the gaps while we waited for the real thing to hit us. That means the various events we can see from starlight did not actually happen. Which means God lied to us, which is a sin and- You know what? I think my teacher just kinda continued and never addressed this point.

There is so much more that could be discussed when it comes to creation science. Comparing natural beings to man-made creations, the complete tiptoeing or embracing around the need for incest for humanity to come from two people, and just how badly quotes and research are cherry-picked, just to name a few.

However, I just wanted to mention the things that stood out to me looking back at my creation science class and the weirdness that came from it.

If you want to learn more, I suggest the playlist listed above.