Preptober: The Little-Known Stage of Nanowrimo

Preptober: The Little-Known Stage of Nanowrimo

October is around the corner and that means we are a month from Nanowrimo where every year, thousands of writers challenge themselves to write a 50,000-word book in only a month. It may not be November yet but you can get started during this Preptober.

Of course, that begs the question of: What exactly is Preptober?

Preptober takes place in October and revolves around getting all the things related to writing that is not actually writing – done. This can mean anything from research, outlines, character profiles, inspiration, mood boards, and all manner of ways to assist a writer to be ready to write. As a weird planner/pantser hybrid, I will assure you that this is valuable for both types of writers as these are all things that slow down the writing process.

It just happens to look different for both types.

I plan on uploading 9 posts broken into 5 sections in October to help guide both the planner and pantser for Nanowrimo prep in their own way. The themes for these 5 sections will be:

October 1-3: Discover the 3 Ws of Your Nanowrimo

  • The basic foundations of any story are the ‘Why, What and Who’. ‘Why you want to write’, ‘What you want to write’ and ‘Who you want to write’. These do not have to be solid concepts or fully structured thoughts for this part, but they will be the direction that guides you forth during Nanowrimo and Preptober.

October 4-10: Finding Your Way to a Unique Nanowrimo Plot

  • Time for you to decide what you will be writing about during Nanowrimo! Will you outline, or will you gather references and inspiration? Will you read other people’s take to learn how to make it your own, or will you write some plot points and go with the later flow?

October 11-17: How to Create Your Cast By Stealing

  • Your characters are next so let us get you into a lab and Frankenstein up some heroes, villains, and good old cannon fodder. Maybe you will be the type to make a DND sheet for them or some fun mood boards? Maybe a face claim and some roleplay to help you understand them better? Preptober is definitely the time to experiment with bringing your characters to life.

October 18-24: Ok, So What Are The Rules Here?

  • Worldbuilding is important even if you are just writing about the small American town you live in. While most know it is a pain to be in the middle of a magic fight scene and then stop because “How does this magic work again?”Most are taken back when they realize they have questions like: “What are the laws about this?” “How long does it take to heal a broken bone?” and “How does school work again?”.

October 25 – 31: Having A Strong Map For Your Adventure

  • You have all the ingredients, but do you have the recipe for your story? Time to think about what you are going to do to make sure your Nanowrimo is a success.

Be ready for the first post to be posted on October 1 and be sure to join the Facebook group and to keep an eye on the Preptober & Nanowrimo category!