ABitFrank: The Best Collection of Creepy Fairytales

ABitFrank: The Best Collection of Creepy Fairytales

ABitFrank is a Youtuber that started two years ago with videos mostly in the genre of animated stories. I will be honest, animated stories rarely interest me.  People do not have enough interesting stories to keep that going. However, since last year ABitFrank has been producing its creepy origins series, where they explore the darker origins of stories. With the primary focus currently being fairytales, there is a lot of fun weirdness to be had.

As a kid who tried to rid of the cushioning of my fellow homeschooled girls by learning every messed up Grimm fairy tale this delights me. Disclaimer: I will admit they were not as sheltered as some stereotypes. Such as the Dumbing of Age characters who could not watch Frozen as it questions parental authority. However, when you are the rebel for enjoying Harry Potter there is something fun about telling the girl who loves sweet, dear Snow White about the Grimm version. The version where Snow forced the evil queen to wear red hot slippers and to dance to death.

ABitFrank goes far deeper than just looking at the Brothers’ Grimm stories, who often took the original version they found and added a bit of misogyny. ABitFrank finds stories older and wilder than the ones we know today, which they share with lovely little animations. It is one thing knowing about Cinderella’s eye pecking birds and another to learn about her flaming talking skull gifted from Baba Yaga.

ABitFrank is someone with a deep love for the bizarre and creepy that they want to share. Along with her deep dives into fairytale, they have also covered origins and theories related to the movie and book Coraline, the creation of a Frankenstein tree, and the origins of glass coffins on their main channel. Yes, that is ‘main channel’. There is also ABitFrank’s channel A Bit Late where ABitFrank reads and shares their favorite stories with commentary.

The commentary is another wonderful touch. Some fairytales really were dark and disturbing and sometimes having a goofy bobblehead character and a narrator going: “We are ignoring she is thirteen apparently,” can take the edge off the creep factor that often appears. ABitFrank also gives a warning and does not justify the truly depraved behavior, which compared to the “It was the times!” excuse in a blessing.

So if you are someone who enjoys fairytales or the macabre, ABitFrank is a good channel to check out.